Carlos Lamela of Estudio Lamela. | Estudio Lamela

Carlos Lamela is the executive president of Estudio Lamela, one of the most prestigious architectural firms in Spain. He will be in Palma next Wednesday to speak at the Mallorca Real Estate Summit. His association with Mallorca is close, and it includes working with SCTArquitectura on the redevelopment of the Hotel Formentor.

He explains that his father founded Estudio Lamela in 1954 and was involved with significant projects in Mallorca, such as a redevelopment of Tito's nightclub in the 1960s. He, Carlos, was involved with the design of the Son Moix Stadium.

He says of Mallorca that it is one of the best places in the world to live. "It is in the Mediterranean, which was the crucible of Western civilisation, and in Spain, one of the countries with the highest qualities of living."

The new Hotel Formentor, he explains, will be very similar to the old one, but updated. "It is a hotel with almost 100 years of exceptional history and in an exceptional location. It is an honour. We are all committed to this project. The history is impressive in terms of the hotel's quality and also of the people who have passed through it. It is located in one of the most beautiful places in Mallorca."

Of his collaboration with SCT, he says that they are more than just partners, as they have been "great friends for decades". Mateo Tomás of SCT was his father's quantity surveyor in Mallorca back in the 1960s. "When the possibility of the Hotel Formentor arose, I called them to join this venture and they loved the idea. I am very proud to work with them. It is a fantastic project, of great quality. In Mallorca there is exceptional architecture."