At the presentation in Playa de Muro.


On Saturday, a new association was presented on the beach by Can Gavella, one of the bar-restaurants in Ses Casetes des Capellans (Playa de Muro) affected by a Costas Authority decision not to renew concessions for terraces.

Twenty businesspeople who operate beach bars and restaurants in various parts of Mallorca have been affected by Costas Authority decisions. They have come together to form this association (Adopuma) that will fight to re-establish their facilities.

Spokesperson Jaume Perelló said that the main reason for creating the association is that "we feel helpless". It doesn't matter who is in government, he added, "as the regulations are an absolute mess". "Many of us have received notifications from one day to the next and any type of challenge has been ignored by the Costas. We must be allowed to work as has been done for the past sixty years. We are not asking for more beach bars or more area."

They argue that closing the terraces has meant that many beachgoers buy food and drinks from supermarkets and then leave rubbish on the beaches, "with the environmental issues that entails".

The association's president, Onofre Fornés, points out that they have had two years in which they have worked very hard to maintain their businesses. But decisions like those of the Costas can ruin everything.

Alfonso Robledo, the president of the CAEB restaurants association, attended the presentation, explaining that a request has been made for a meeting with the Costas. "But all we get are excuses . They tell us that it has to be a virtual meeting or that they don't have time. The truth is that we are talking about the future of all these establishments, which have all these impediments this year and don't know what will happen next year. They have all lost customers and workers, not to mention those who have closed."

Adopuma is preparing challenges with the legal advice of a team of lawyers specialised in public and administrative law. In addition to negotiating with the Costas, they intend meeting the Balearic ministry of the environment, to which responsibilities for the coasts are due to be transferred from the Costas.