Tractors on the beach. | Vicki McLeod

The beach at San Telmo is getting set for the summer season. Sun loungers and parasols were being installed this morning as the season gets into full swing.

The beach at San Telmo has had a busy winter and has even played a starring role in Netflix hit series, The Crown. Scenes for the forthcoming Series 5 were filmed at San Telmo last year along with scenes for a Bollywood blockbuster.

San Telmo beach is one of the most picturesque on the island.

There have been complaints this year from some tourists that beaches were not ready for the season.

Things to do in San Telmo:

Why not take the boat from San Telmo harbour to the island of Dragonera which is a national park. The island is famous for its "Dragons" small lizards which inhabit the island in big numbers. You can swim in the sheltered cove in Dragonera where the San Telmo boat docks.