Christmas in Mallorca is a magical experience, blending the island's Mediterranean charm with festive traditions. As the holiday season will not long be upon us, Mallorca will start to prepare its holiday attire, with twinkling lights adorning streets, lively markets bustling with unique gifts, and the scent of traditional Mallorcan cuisine filling the air. In this enchanting setting, there are seven delightful activities to make your Mallorcan Christmas memorable. From wandering through charming Christmas markets to savoring local delicacies and attending Midnight Mass, Mallorca offers a unique blend of tradition and relaxation during the holiday season.

PALMA. BELENES. Cultura declara el belenismo como Patrimonio Cultural Inmaterial.

1. See the Nativity Scenes

In Palma, during Christmas, "Belenes" or Nativity scenes are a cherished tradition. The city showcases intricate and life-sized Belenes in prominent locations like Plaza Cort and El Corte Ingles. These displays depict the birth of Jesus with stunning details, attracting both locals and visitors who marvel at their beauty and significance.

2. Take a walk around Palma to see the lights

Palma's Christmas lights transform the city into a dazzling wonderland during the holiday season. The historic streets, including La Rambla and Passeig del Born, are adorned with intricate displays of twinkling lights, creating a magical atmosphere. These festive illuminations, often themed and eco-friendly, enhance the holiday spirit and attract visitors from far and wide. The big 'switch-on' is happening on Thursday, November 23 this year!

3. Go to the Christmas Markets

Mallorca's Christmas markets are enchanting. Palma hosts the largest market, featuring artisanal crafts, festive decorations, and delicious local treats. You'll find smaller markets in Port Adriano, Puerto Portals, Santa Ponsa and other villages across the island, offering unique gifts and traditional Mallorcan goodies. These markets are the perfect places to soak up the holiday spirit and find special treasures. Look out for information on dates, times and locations coming soon on our website.

4. Midnight Mass at Palma Cathedral

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Midnight Mass at Palma Cathedral, also known as La Seu, is a cherished tradition in Mallorca. The grand Gothic cathedral hosts a solemn and beautiful Christmas Eve service. Its majestic interior and awe-inspiring architecture create a serene atmosphere for celebrating the birth of Christ in a spiritually rich setting.

5. Go Ice Skating

Palma offers a unique Christmas experience with a temporary ice skating rink set up in Plaza España. The Son Amar Christmas Wonderland also gives you the oportunity to Ice Skate, aswell as the Puerto Portals and Port Adriano Christmas Markets. Skating amidst festive decorations is a memorable activity for all ages. The rinks typically operate during the holiday season, providing a delightful blend of winter charm in a sunny Spanish setting.

El Mercado de Navidad del Pueblo Español se consolida como el más grande de Mallorca

6. New Year's Eve at Plaza Cort

New Year's Eve at Plaza Cort in Palma is a lively celebration. Locals and visitors gather to ring in the new year with live music, fireworks, and a vibrant atmosphere. As the clock strikes midnight, the tradition of "eating the grapes" begins, where people consume twelve grapes, one with each chime, for good luck in the coming year. It's a fun and festive way to welcome the New Year in Mallorca.

7. See the Three Kings Parade

The Three Kings Parade in Palma is a spectacular event on January 5. It features elaborately decorated floats carrying the Three Wise Men, who toss sweets to the crowd. Families gather along the parade route to catch these treats and witness the colorful and culturally rich celebration, marking the culmination of the Christmas season.