As the sun-drenched days of summer wane, Mallorca comes alive with a final burst of festive energy through its captivating summer fairs.

From bustling food markets showcasing local delicacies to vibrant artisanal stalls displaying handmade crafts, these events capture the essence of Mallorcan culture.

As Autumn officially begins on Saturday, September 23... here is a list of the last SUMMER FAIRS to come:


- Thursday 24 to Sunday 27: Soller "Fira de Sant Bartomeu"

Soller's Fira de Sant Bartomeu is an annual highlight in Soller, honoring the patron saint. This vibrant fair transforms the charming town into a bustling showcase of local heritage. Visitors are treated to lively parades, traditional music, and a rich array of stalls offering artisan crafts and regional delicacies.

From the rhythmic pulse of traditional dances to the sizzle of street food, this fair encapsulates Soller's deep-rooted culture and offers a delightful immersion into Mallorca's unique traditions.

- Saturday 26: Randa, Algaida "Fira Artesanal de Randa"

The Fira Artesanal de Randa is a vibrant artisan fair showcasing local crafts. It celebrates traditional Mallorcan culture through handmade products, art, and food. Visitors experience the island's rich heritage, including woven textiles, pottery, and delicious regional delicacies, fostering a connection to Mallorca's artistic roots. This fair is part of their Summer fiestas.


- Saturday 2: Lloret de Vistalegre "Fira des Sequer"

This fair honors the island's agricultural heritage, focusing on the traditional "sequer" drying technique for crops. Through exhibitions, music, and local cuisine, it offers a glimpse into Mallorca's rural past and its enduring agricultural traditions, fostering community engagement.

- Sunday 3: Vilafranca de Bonany "Fira del Meló"

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Vilafranca's annual lively melon fair. Celebrating local agriculture, it showcases a variety of melons and fruits, offering tastings and sales. This festive event includes music, entertainment, and a 'biggest melon' competition.

- Sunday 10: Arta "Fira d'Arta"

Another traditional fair celebrating the town's culture and heritage. Featuring local crafts, gastronomy, and live performances. Visitors enjoy a vibrant atmosphere, showcasing the essence of Artà's identity and fostering community engagement.

- Saturday 16: Pina (Agaida) "Fira de Pina"

The Pina fair is one of the most recent September fairs. Held in the middle of the month, it stands out for including in its program the exhibition of artisanal and gastronomic products from the Convents and Monasteries of Mallorca.

Additionally, the square hosts a wide variety of stalls with all kinds of products, culinary offerings, and entertainment for both adults and children.

- Saturday 16: Petra "Sa Fira"

It is celebrated on the third Saturday of September. Although it is not know for certain, the origin of the fair could be related to the one in Manacor, which takes place the next day (the third Sunday of September since the late 18th century), as the merchants who went to sell their products at the Manacor fair would stop in Petra the day before and take advantage of their stop to sell. Now, it has become an institutionalized fair that sets up on the streets of Hospital and Sol, as well as the squares, from early Saturday morning.

- Saturday 16 & Sunday 17: Manacor "Fira de Setembre"

Manacor celebrates its September Fair, an artisan and Balearic product fair that features an extensive exhibition and sale of certified organic products.

- Sunday 17: Muro "Fireta d'Oportunitats"

Muro's Fireta d'Oportunitats offers a range of shopping opportunities with discounted products. From fashion to household items, visitors can find various bargains. This fair fosters a lively atmosphere, attracting locals and tourists alike, enhancing the town's commercial appeal.