Balearic and Spanish airports facing industrial action. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

The UGT union has called a strike for handling staff at Spanish airport authority Aena airports for the week of the December long weekend in protest at the situation generated after the resolution of the tender for the service.

The union claims that the new tender “has only raised more uncertainty” about job stability in the sector.
UGT stresses that Aena “continues without establishing a real, concrete and clear commitment” on how to act in situations of non-compliance with the agreement, limiting itself to being “a manager of awards”.

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It alleges that in the last seven years there have been a series of breaches in labour matters by “all companies” that have been reflected in thousands of lawsuits, collective conflicts and strikes.
In addition, they point out that licences have been awarded to companies that were already in breach of the labour agreement.

They highlight the fact that Aena has not included any sanction or expulsion mechanism for companies that do not comply with the commitments and “thus once again absolves itself of its responsibility as a public promoter” over the workers.

The date of the strike has yet to be determined, but it will take place during the week of the long weekend in December - between 4 and 10 December - and will last until the agents involved “assume their responsibilities”.