Private jets in Palma. | M. Joy


Figures from the airports authority Aena indicate that the number of private jets that used Palma Son Sant Joan Airport in July and August was down 8.6% compared with the same two months of last year.

This decrease is attributed to the change in the health situation, in particular the fact that travellers opted for private planes in order to avoid contact with strangers on regular flights. There is no longer the same level of anxiety about Covid.

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But although there has been a fall in the number of private jets and air taxis landing and taking off, a more significant comparison is with 2019. There were 2,537 flights in July and August three years ago. This year there were 4,464, a 76% increase.

Aena doesn't have figures for the number of planes that used the Son Bonet aerodrome in Marratxi.