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Eating out in Mallorca: Aromata, Jaume lll

At 32 euros for three courses, Aromata was at the top end of the price range for this kind of a meal.

Mia Naprta

Cocktail Hour: Morokko, Jaume lll

Bloody Mary was apparently invented a hundred years ago by a French bartender named Fernand Petiotin at the New York Bar in Paris.

Mia Naprta

How to cook the perfect steak in 2023

If you are looking for a quintessential wood-fired dining experience with a strong focus on benchmark steak cuts, head to Sa pleta in Canyamel and you won’t be disappointed.

Marc Fosh

Eating Out in Mallorca: Spot Mallorca, Santa Catalina

“I don't want places that are fashionable or that become fashionable. I just want people to like them!"

Mia Naprta

Cocktail Hour: Agabar, Santa Catalina

Agabar serves all the usual classics, but also specialises in agave based cocktails, which explains the name.

Mia Naprta

Eating Out in Mallorca: Jonny's Dhaba, Santa Catalina

A thali typically consists of: a grain (rice or flatbread made with wheat, millet, etc.), lentils (dhal or sambar), vegetables, chutney, raita (curds usually mixed with some kind of vegetable), pickles and sometimes papadum.

Mia Naprta

Eating Out in Mallorca: Dmenu, Sindicato

The shorter version of their weekly changing menu includes a choice between two starters, two mains and two deserts plus water, while the longer menu is made up of two starters, two mains and one desert.

Mia Naprta

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