Christmas in Mallorca wouldn't be complete without the circus, brought to the island each year by Circo Alegría, a circus full of happiness which almost certainly isn't linked to the Circo Alegría of Barcelona in the late nineteenth century.

This said, this year's circus recalls the end of the nineteenth century. The greatest show in the world is promised, a fascinating journey through time and back to the days when circus wagons travelled from town to town - full of joy in displaying all their splendour.

So, the Circo Alegría of 2022 will be remembering the past with jugglers, contortionists, trapeze artists, clowns, magic and, for the first time in a circus ring, animatronic polar bears and their tamer.

The circus runs right through December and into January; the final performances will be on January 8.

Useful information
Dates and location:
  1. From 25/11/2022 to 08/01/2023 at Son Fusteret Showground
How to get there:

Various performances a day


From 13.50 euros at circoalegria.com