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This June the anticipated Mallorca Live Festival is coming to Calvia (old waterpark). Here is the line up over the three days on four stages.

Besides 20 hours of music there is also an Art Zone, World Food Market (includes vegan and vegetarian food), Chill Our Zone and Visual Arts.

PALMA. MUSICA. C. Tangana, primer cabeza de cartel nacional del Mallorca Live Festival 2022

Friday, June 24 main headliners are:

· C. Tangana
· Editors
· Izal
· Peggy Gou
· Kase.O Magnetism
· Rioberta Bandini

Also performing are: Baiuca, Max Cooper, Bradley Zero, Alizzz, Delaporte, Elvella, Goose, Shiova, The Parrots, Niños Luchando, Queralt Lahoz, Go Catcus, Cora Yako, Emlan, Amulet, Muro Maria, Repion, Bove, Pucheros Atómicos, Gran Amant, Los Dos, Aina Losange and Vik.t.

PALMA. MUSICA. Los escoceses Franz Ferdinand lideran los nuevos nombres del Mallorca Live
Franz Ferdinand.

Saturday, June 25 main headliners are:

· Christina Aguilera
· Franz Ferdinand
· Supergrass
· Jeff Mills
· Cut Copy
· Temples

Also performing are: Refus T. Firefly, Trueno, Club del Rio, Monolink, Cobblestone Jazz, Red Axes, Klik & Frik, Trashi, Bronquio, Baywaves, Paco Moreno, Rocio Saiz, Branquias Johnson, Cecilia Zango, Trigga, Reïna, Saïm, The Southnormales, Paco Colombas, Bisuri i Els Mossos, Yoko Factor, Sweet Poo Smell and Frink.

PALMA. MUSICA. Muse, que en junio actuará en el Mallorca Live Festival

Sunday, June 26 headliners are:

· Muse
· Justice
· Metronomy
· Milky Chance
· The Blessed Madonna
· Ben UFO

Also on stage are: Guitarricadelafuente, Sen Senra, Cupido, Mujeres, Biznaga, Agoraphobia, Parquesvr, Emusteros, Ela Minus, Pahuam, Peligro!, Enric Ricone, Marta Knight, La Paloma, Alamaire, Agost, Jansky, Pullman and Angeles Marqueño

Data of interest
Dates and location:
  1. From to at Old Aquapark in Magalluf
How to get:

On Friday June 24 first concert starts at 6pm and final one finishes at 6am. On Saturday June 25 first concert starts at 6.45pm and last one finishes at 6am. On Sunday June 25 first concert starts at 6pm and ends at 4am.


Tickets are from 59 euros at