Vicki McLeod
Vicki McLeod

Vicki has lived in Mallorca since 2004, she still can't conjugate the past tense in Spanish. 


The Olive Fields: Where Paws roam free in Mallorca's exclusive dog haven

Safely behind some big metal gates and a high stone wall you will find The Olive Fields, a private dog park owned and run by Bulletin writer, Sarah Forge.

Vicki McLeod 17/11/2023 13:04


Palma has amazed me

This week meet Silas de Corrals who has a small specialist second hand vinyl and recording studio, Got Blues Listen To Jazz in Palma.

Vicki McLeod 15/11/2023 10:32


If you can dream it, you can do it

Saloua Sfar talks about Muse, a new space for arts in Palma.

Vicki McLeod 06/11/2023 09:55


#Vanlife: On the road with Felicity Cole and Pär Bergsman

You cannot leave anything outside, not a table, not a chair. Everything has to be enclosed.

Vicki McLeod 01/11/2023 14:00


Plastic is not fantastic

On the beach with... Kay Newton who has been cleaning their local beach.

Vicki McLeod 04/10/2023 09:48


D Day for Driving Licences

The Spanish government wants to encourage people who have innovative business ideas to live here.

Vicki McLeod 21/09/2023 15:20


I’m a strong believer in destiny

In the office with Nicky Roberts from Ticket Travel.

Vicki McLeod 19/09/2023 15:37


At La Van with... Max Lawrie: "There’s no perfect formula"

Chef Max Lawrie talks about working his way up from potwasher to founding his own catering business in Mallorca.

Vicki McLeod 11/09/2023 13:36


On the pitch with... Leon Blakely: "I want to build a legacy"

If you or your child have been inspired by the World Cup, then now is the time to find a team to play for. Contact Leon on 676 040 111 or to find out more.

Vicki McLeod 25/08/2023 12:45


Backstage with... Polly Glamorous

Meet a new cast member at Pirates this season: professional drag queen Polly Glamorous.

Vicki McLeod 23/08/2023 09:42


In the S'Arraco studio... with Francesca Pallicer Saballs

Meet local artist Francesca who has drawn a delightful triplet of what essentially seem to be children’s colouring books but sends a message to the visitors to our island that we have a rich cultural history and traditions both in our ways and in our food.

Vicki McLeod 16/08/2023 15:59


On the terrace with Bonnie and Arantxa

We are in high season in Deya, and there are groups of people, dressed in what my husband likes to call “the Deya uniform”: a straw hat and white flowing clothes, wandering around the streets.

Vicki McLeod 08/08/2023 11:02


Rescuing turtles with Marco and the Palma Aquarium Foundation

Remember to call 112 if you see an animal in trouble. Marco, and the volunteers, will be there to help.

Vicki McLeod 28/07/2023 12:40


In the frame with... Drew Aaron

“Today, it is all about emerging artists, and very specifically Spanish artists...”

Vicki McLeod 17/07/2023 13:03


Slurping noodles with... Bjoern

Meet the man who has turned his addiction into a great business delivering top quality Ramen to the good people of Palma.

Vicki McLeod 13/07/2023 10:48


At home with ... Mark Wright

When Mark Wright walked into the Knox Design Store in Son Bugadelles looking for an interior designer, it wasn’t an accident.

Vicki McLeod 03/07/2023 12:19


Backstage with... Michal Kodlubanski of Son Amar

Meet Michal Kodlubanski, Acrobatic Co-ordinator at Son Amar.

Vicki McLeod 29/06/2023 14:37


I'll be back: Olympian activist Neil Agius abandons world-record swim due to jellyfish swarms

Agius was attempting the longest non-stop, unassisted, current neutral, open water sea swim in history.

Vicki McLeod 27/06/2023 09:33