Shirley Roberts
Shirley Roberts

'Soller Shirley' Facebook page started fifteen years ago. The daily ramblings on events and life in the Soller Valley continues to this day. ‘Spotlight on Soller’ is a weekly page in the Mallorca Bulletin and has been for over 10 years. I Immersed myself in the Soller world I left London for. Every day I learn something new and tell the tale. I was part of three generational move to the Soller Valley and have had the joy of watching my grandchildren grow on this wonderful island. A previous life in journalism for the Times Newspaper, General Manager of a London Hotel and the creator of a start-up company, in North London (eventually sold to a PLC) sums up my life. I am now back where I started, writing stories every day and looking after, Humans of Mallorca and Nan’s Day’s Out. I just love to tell a tale…


Embracing change in the Soller Valley

All these factors contribute to the commuter feel where the only people in town during the day are the carers of young children and the elderly.

Shirley Roberts 27/11/2023 15:34


From Seville to Soller: A tale of two worlds

Local residents have been to the Town Hall to see the plans and were surprised and the size and scale of the new hotel rising from the ashes.

Shirley Roberts 22/11/2023 17:03


November sees more visitors than usual in Soller

“The Soller Tram has changed to an hourly service this month and the Soller Train to four journeys a day.”

Shirley Roberts 10/11/2023 14:55


Changing tides and culinary delights: Soller's autumn transformation

“The word on the street says Soller is to have a significant opening by a Swedish super chef. I know lots of details but can’t print them yet!”

Shirley Roberts 06/11/2023 12:34


Catching the midnight bus: Soller's new era of transportation

This year, for the first time, the buses ran to midnight to fill this criterion. We are all waiting to see if this continues with the winter timetable to be published for November 1.

Shirley Roberts 31/10/2023 15:13


Unveiling Puerto Soller's rich military history and current challenges

This is also the week where repairs are being done to the two road tunnels in our world.

Shirley Roberts 23/10/2023 11:40


Soller's Trail race debut: A yearly fixture in the making

It is hoped this will take its place in the official list of races from 2024 onwards, encouraging sports people to the Soller Valley to race.

Shirley Roberts 13/10/2023 12:00


Resurrecting Soller's 'Boulevard' and reviving Can Canals Garden

We are all hoping to visit the fountain as it is brought to life and water starts to flow.

Shirley Roberts 06/10/2023 12:30


An idyllic September spell in Soller

Change is all around us, with lovely, excited incomers ready to start their adventure, and others swapping the Soller scene for another and looking forward to new locations and adventures.

Shirley Roberts 29/09/2023 14:07


Spotlight on Soller: From summer traffic jams to Winter jazz

The Soller train doesn't run for a couple of months and Soller reverts to being local and Mallorcan speaking.

Shirley Roberts 22/09/2023 15:35


That was the week that was, in the Soller Valley

“The normal life of the Soller Valley picks up its own momentum now. The saturated tourism months are ending and, although October and November are very busy months...”

Shirley Roberts 18/09/2023 11:44


Hotels are at full occupancy in Soller and fine chefs very busy as the ‘foodies’ are in Town!

On September 22 and 23 trainloads will be arriving to the port from Palma for the Havaneres Festival which takes place on the Repic Beach.

Shirley Roberts 11/09/2023 14:45


Soller Valley moves on from fiesta to welcome September and autumn

The devils, the dragon, the drums, the fire run, and the macabre story will captivate Soller Square on Sunday at 10.30pm

Shirley Roberts 25/08/2023 11:38


Soller Fiesta Frenzy: Preparing for the ultimate celebration!

“Come and see us today and stay for the great ‘Night of Art’where music and art combine around every corner...”

Shirley Roberts 18/08/2023 13:01


Every newcomer has their story in Soller

The people who choose to settle for a season or for ever, in Soller, are making their choice for their own reasons.

Shirley Roberts 15/08/2023 09:01


"Big brother" is watching in Soller

The inspectors are out and about in the Soller Valley at present.

Shirley Roberts 27/07/2023 17:34


Soller gets ready to celebrate St Bartholomew in August

Soller is not the only place on the island who celebrates St Bart on August 24. However, we are the town that has five days of celebrations including live music extravaganzas and a fire run.

Shirley Roberts 24/07/2023 13:40


Summer holidays in Soller

What is there to do for children in the port of Soller is a common question at this time of year.

Shirley Roberts 17/07/2023 09:47


As one fiesta ends the next begins in Mallorca

The Fiesta is a celebration of all that, and a wonderful example to the other ‘barrios’ of Soller.

Shirley Roberts 07/07/2023 14:49