Richie Prior
Richie Prior


The hunt is on for Luis Rubiales replacement

He decided to tell Piers Morgan in an interview that he was quitting but added he would be denying the charges of sexual assault brought forward by the Spanish player Jenni Hermoso.

Richie Prior 18/09/2023 12:01


September reflections: navigating challenges

So basically if you get fired tomorrow the money you were paid on ERTE would be discounted from your PARO which in most people’s cases means you’ll hardly get anything.

Richie Prior 08/09/2023 13:03


Empowering the future for Women's football in Mallorca

Two of the women in Spains starting line up started their football here in Mallorca so let’s hope for many more in years to come.

Richie Prior 25/08/2023 13:09


Women's World Cup: It’s the Lionesses versus La Roja on Sunday

I’m in a little dilemma, my country of birth is going to play in the Women’s World Cup Final against the country that has been my home for the last 34 years. Where will my allegiance fall?

Richie Prior 18/08/2023 13:15


I’ve been lucky in my life to meet some amazing people

This past week has been no exception, with Peter Crouch, Abbey Clancy and their kids visiting Pirates Adventure.

Richie Prior 11/08/2023 11:23


A winter World Cup? It will never work

I actually think the winter World Cup wasn’t such a bad thing...

Richie Prior 04/08/2023 16:00


Can't vote anywhere!

I think that as a resident who has lived here for 33 years and pays taxes here in Spain but does not want to give up my British citizenship I should be able to vote.

Richie Prior 28/07/2023 11:05


Do you have sympathy with the Just Stop Oil protesters?

We absolutely should be investing in clean, alternative energy, but we’re simply not at a place to just stop using fossil fuels at this moment in time.

Richie Prior 24/07/2023 17:11


It's too hot to sleep in Mallorca!

Here are a few tips to keep yourself or your bedroom cool.

Richie Prior 14/07/2023 13:19


Famous celebs and their quirky requests

Find out which band requested there be no brown M&M’s in the backstage area!

Richie Prior 06/07/2023 16:14


Elton John's songs have stood the tests of time

I found the lyrics hard to understand at times, he can’t hit the high notes anymore, he was definitely reading the words at some points and unfortunately his knees have gone making him incapable of moving around.

Richie Prior 29/06/2023 15:09


Lads get scammed but....

Now the newspapers love to bash Magalluf but I have a story that whilst it started off bad, had a good ending.

Richie Prior 23/06/2023 11:39

A safer Magalluf

After 30 years of working in Magalluf, the Director of Pirates says new laws are working

He thinks the campaigns to increase awareness to the dangers of excess drinking etc. are worthy and have worked.

Richie Prior 24/03/2023 10:54


Liam "The Bull" Jones: A champion in the making

Liam is from the Rhondda Valley in Wales and has been coming to Mallorca on and off all his life as his parents have a place on the island.

Richie Prior 21/10/2022 22:28


A beautiful place of contrast

If you need me to convince you any more about our status as a leading sporting destination then ask the many sports men and women from the island.

Richie Prior 27/10/2021 15:00