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Spain asks EMA to allow 'dose-sparing' for monkeypox vaccine

The Balearic Ministry for Health has confirmed 155 cases of monkeypox in the Balearic Islands.

Reuters 11/08/2022 15:49

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Champions Real Madrid ready to frustrate Barca's all-star line-up

Determined to end their three-year LaLiga title drought, Barcelona were Europe's biggest spenders in the close season.

Reuters 11/08/2022 10:17

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Spanish government insists on energy savings plan despite opposition

The opposition and some regional chiefs want it to be changed or scrapped over fears it could hurt tourism.

Reuters 08/08/2022 17:07

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Truss wants to take Brexit to another level, what about expats?

Bankers say there is no appetite for a "bonfire of regulations" given big changes cost money and can take years.

Reuters 08/08/2022 16:45

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Wildfires in Europe burn second-biggest area on record

This year's burned area is more than double the size of Luxembourg.

Reuters 04/08/2022 13:26


Summer travel chaos gets worse

Spain-based pilots at Easyjet said on July 29 that they will strike for nine days in August.

Reuters 01/08/2022 11:08

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High temperatures unleash marine heatwave in Mediterranean Sea

Waters in the Balearics were up to 5°C warmer than at the same time last year.

Reuters 29/07/2022 16:08

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Spain to propose to EU a cap on carbon emission permit prices, PM says

Spain has urged its citizens to be mindful of their energy consumption.

Reuters 29/07/2022 15:45

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Spain inflation highest since 1984; new record for eurozone area

Inflation expected to slow in the second half of this year.

Reuters 29/07/2022 13:14


Spanish prosecutor asks for 8 year jail term for Shakira, El Pais reports

Shakira could find herself in the dock for alleged tax fraud.

Reuters 29/07/2022 12:01


Spanish-based easyJet pilots to go on strike for nine days in August

Three periods of strikes lasting 72 hours planned.

Reuters 29/07/2022 11:46


Lufthansa ground staff walk out in Germany in pay dispute

Further strike action not being ruled out if pay talks fail.

Reuters 27/07/2022 16:57


Melia Hotels returns to profits in H1 on tourism rebound

Bookings in resort hotels exceed 2019 levels for the third quarter.

Reuters 27/07/2022 13:32

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Spain to raise inflation forecast after prices climb -economy minister

Inflation has surpassed 10% for the first time in 37 years.

Reuters 14/07/2022 12:12

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Update: Johnson to resign today

Some question whether government can function.

Reuters 07/07/2022 10:20

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Spanish police seize drug-carrying submarine drones

The investigation lasted 14 months and allowed the police to seize over 150 kg of drugs.

Reuters 05/07/2022 17:05


Europe's summer travel chaos: update

Surging inflation causing labour unrest across Europe.

Reuters 24/06/2022 14:46

Real Mallorca

Former Real Mallorca super star Eto'o handed 22 month jail sentence

The prosecution had requested prison sentences of four years and six months each for Eto'o and Mesalles.

Reuters 21/06/2022 10:13

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Spain swelters in hottest pre-summer heatwave for 20 years

Mallorca inland temperatures currently forecast to reach 39C (102F).

ReutersMajorca Daily Bulletin reporter 12/06/2022 12:35