Peter Clover
Peter Clover

Hailing from Islington, North London. International, best selling children’s author with over 80 titles published throughout UK, USA, Germany, France and the Commonwealth.
Currently penning his Mallorcan Memoirs, Peter has recently launched his debut adult novel, 'Return to Lyndon Gate' on Amazon Kindle.


Crazy paving in Mallorca

Surely pavements and guaranteed safe walking in our towns and villages should be a priority?

Peter Clover 14/04/2023 14:00


Dragons in the pipework

“He’s waiting for the sticks to tremble uncontrollably before crossing over each other.”

Peter Clover 31/03/2023 13:59


Lost in Translation

But part of the fun with learning any new language are the mistakes which you are invariably going to make along the way.

Peter Clover 20/03/2023 13:52


The crack of dawn

When you live and work somewhere, you often take your surroundings for granted.

Peter Clover 03/03/2023 13:50


The waiting game at the chemist

The Mallorcans specialise in turning simple, everyday events like banking, posting a letter, shopping etc into a social gathering.

Peter Clover 20/02/2023 13:26


A winter warmer

I can honestly say I’ve never known weather quite like it here..

Peter Clover 08/02/2023 11:54


New Heights of Entertainment: The Climb of the Pine

The naked, silky smooth pine is then covered with a thick layer of soap before being winched up to its full height, using a primitive system of knotted ropes and elbow grease, by hearty volunteers ensconced at the top of the said church tower.

Peter Clover 13/01/2023 11:00


‘Tis the Season

I’ve been reindeer ready since mid November.

Peter Clover 24/12/2022 16:10


Paddle board Paradise

Paddle boarding is a growing sport which seems to attract the ladies, who incidentally excel at this aquatic activity.

Peter Clover 17/10/2022 10:19


Who, What, Where, When, Why?

WHERE can you buy those deliciously sweet, white onions which the Mallorcans put in their salads?

Peter Clover 10/10/2022 18:11


There’s no Place like Home

Many Mallorcans don’t even bother to leave the island for their annual holiday, and plump for a peaceful stay at the family’s summer home by the coast, or a nice local resort somewhere on the island - sometimes venturing for a week or two away on our sister shores of Minorca or Ibiza.

Peter Clover 26/09/2022 14:33


A Fig for All Seasons

Fresh figs don’t come cheap, and in the UK are considered a rare luxury.

Peter Clover 29/08/2022 20:05


Pirates in Pollensa

The battle is great fun, and taken very seriously with leading roles voted for across a dedicated committee.

Peter Clover 13/08/2022 11:36


Mosquito Madness

The best way to cope with a midge or mosquito bite is to wash the affected area immediately with mild soap and water.

Peter Clover 08/08/2022 12:27


Quietly Creative

Sometimes, I crave peace, quiet, and private time to reflect, or work, without interruption.

Peter Clover 01/08/2022 12:38


It Ain’t Alf Hot

This year, with so many travel complications, failures and unreliable promises from unreliable airline companies, we consider ourselves extremely fortunate to already be here on this fantastic holiday island of Mallorca – heat wave and all, without having to experience airport chaos.

Peter Clover 11/07/2022 10:36


A Piano Beneath the Stars

The traditional two week festivities are already in full swing!

Peter Clover 24/06/2022 08:30


Love thy Neighbour

Maybe we should start thinking about moving?

Peter Clover 12/06/2022 11:30


‘The Geek shall inherit the Earth’

Everyone is in the mix, keeping up, or treading water, trying to catch up with the latest trends, tweets, posts, news, downloads, celebrity gossip, etc, etc.

Peter Clover 17/05/2022 10:53