Peter Clover
Peter Clover

Hailing from Islington, North London. International, best selling children’s author with over 80 titles published throughout UK, USA, Germany, France and the Commonwealth.
Currently penning his Mallorcan Memoirs, Peter has recently launched his debut adult novel, 'Return to Lyndon Gate' on Amazon Kindle.


Carnival Capers in Mancor de la Vall

Peaceful and quiet it may be, but the inhabitants of Mancor de la Vall are far from retiring or boring.

Peter Clover 16/02/2024 14:59


Coughs and sneezes still spread diseases

One of the easiest places on earth to catch germs, be it the flu, a common cold, or any other airborne virus, is in a doctor’s or hospital waiting room.

Peter Clover 07/02/2024 16:52


Sant Antoni and the Fires of Abstinence

Yet who was this sainted man? And what made him so intriguing to the people of Mallorca, that his existence is still been celebrated 1,660 years after his death?

Peter Clover 19/01/2024 13:50


Joy of the Twelve Grapes

According to the ritual, each individual grape, swallowed on a bell strike, guarantees the joy of prosperity through one coming month of the New Year.

Peter Clover 29/12/2023 13:27


Mallorca crafts, customs and culture

Esclata-Sangs are a mushroom with a romantic legend attached to their very expensive stalks.

Peter Clover 12/12/2023 16:48


Olive Odyssey: Cultivating Mediterranean magic in your garden and kitchen

Nearly every ex-pat who settles on the island, scribbles the same two items at the top of their wish list.

Peter Clover 04/12/2023 14:54


Too soon for Christmas?

Ever since I can remember I have been a devout member of ‘Team Tinsel’, and strive to get my tree up as early as physically possible.

Peter Clover 17/11/2023 12:53


Not my cup of caracoles!

Snails are definitely one of Mallorca’s favourite specialities and well deserve a celebration all of their own.

Peter Clover 10/11/2023 13:59


A Fair to Remember in Inca

The Medieval Market is my personal favourite and will be held this weekend.

Peter Clover 31/10/2023 15:01


A passion for people watching in Mallorca

It’s a Mallorcan thing, and as much a part of living here as breathing.

Peter Clover 13/10/2023 12:14


Arroz, by any other name...

So what does make an authentic paella?

Peter Clover 29/09/2023 15:35


Bag that sunbed in Mallorca!

“For years, the sad ritual of ‘claiming’ sun beds within the hotel industry has long been a problem, worldwide...”

Peter Clover 18/08/2023 15:10


The heat is on across Europe

It seemed like a really good idea at the time, two years ago, when we booked a luxurious Mediterranean cruise in the middle of July...

Peter Clover 07/08/2023 10:32


Hair today gone tomorrow

“Men everywhere in 2023 are shaving their arms, chests and anything they can reach in between...”

Peter Clover 24/07/2023 17:22


Swing time in Mallorca

last Sunday, July 2nd saw an incredible, mind-blowing al fresco performance in Plaça de l’Església, featuring a Night of Swing.

Peter Clover 07/07/2023 14:19


Fiesta fiesta!

The amazing, generous community of Mancor de la Vall should be saluted for their continual generosity and compassion.

Peter Clover 26/06/2023 09:43


Still living the dream

My love affair with Mallorca began well over thirty years ago.

Peter Clover 12/06/2023 10:02


Friend or Freebie?

The annual pilgrimage of friends and relatives visiting family residents on the island.

Peter Clover 26/05/2023 14:04


Silence is Golden in Mallorca

“We always knew, even before we moved here, that Spain and Mallorca were both classified as a noisy lot, but until you live within the hub of excitement and uproar, you don’t really appreciate just how noisy a Mediterranean lifestyle can be...”

Peter Clover 12/05/2023 14:54


Homefront Horrors

Mallorcans prefer a rustic lunch, an informal barbeque or an impromptu get together where you're not really missed if you don't turn up.

Peter Clover 28/04/2023 11:45