Mia Naprta
Mia Naprta

My surname is supposedly Czech. I was born in Yugoslavia, a country that no longer exists. More specifically, I’m from Lika, a beautiful but scarcely populated part of Croatia, yet to be discovered by tourists who regularly descend upon the Adriatic coast and the islands.

I spent most of my adult life in the UK. I studied English and Journalism in Oxford, before moving to London. Over the next 17 years I worked my way up from an “office angel” to a food and drink market analyst, specialising in sugar and chocolate confectionery. Some of my friends would say that I was “getting paid to eat chocolate and write about it”!

After years of busy lives and grey skies, my partner and I decided to slow down and warm our bones somewhere sunnier. We explored Portugal, Italy and the south of Spain, before Palma won us over in 2015.

Although my career has been mostly about markets and numbers, I have always been writing – from personal blogs and opinion pieces for trade publications in the UK to travel articles for a Croatian lifestyle magazine and several monthly columns for The Islander Magazine since January 2021. Right now I am really looking forward to this additional challenge of writing for Mallorca Bulletin!

E-mail - Instagram: @mianaprta