Jason Moore
Jason Moore


Managing Editor

Jason Moore joined the Bulletin straight from school as a junior reporter after being educated at international schools on the island in 1988. As a news reporter he worked closely with our Spanish stablemate Última Hora and was sent on numerous foreign assignments including Boston and London. He became Deputy Editor in 1996 and Editor in 1997. In 2018 he was appointed Managing editor with the additional responsibility of sales and advertising. In 2022 he oversaw the transformation of the Bulletin into an online publication and the launch of the new Mallorca Bulletin. Born in Cambridge in 1970, he moved to Mallorca aged 5 and was educated at Bellver International College and Kings College. In 2012 he received a special award from the Calvia Council on the Bulletin’s 50th anniversary. He has written articles for most of the leading UK newspapers and has often worked as a pundit on British and Spanish television and radio programmes.


Changing resort

“The changing face of Magalluf is now a reality. It is an up-market resort”

Jason Moore 23/03/2023 14:40

A safer Magalluf

"Excessive drinking was creating so many problems..."

"I am very proud of the changes which have taken place..."

Jason Moore 23/03/2023 13:24

Latest headlines

A super yacht arrives in Mallorca

Up to 12 guests can be accommodated on board and she also has accommodation for 19 crew members.

Jason Moore 21/03/2023 17:53

A safer Magalluf

"Drunken tourism can't live with quality tourism"

Robledo says that "these days the bars and restaurants are changing from offering fried food of all types to more selective cuisine".

Jason Moore 21/03/2023 11:30


Changing statements

“There is a case of certain statements recording tourism being lost in translation...”

Jason Moore 16/03/2023 15:17

Latest headlines

Brussels hits back at Balearics over plan to curb foreign property ownership

"A curb could only be introduced in the interests of national security..."

Jason Moore 15/03/2023 11:50

Latest headlines

Cracking shame! Spain running out of eggs

Supermarkets in the Balearics appear to be unaffected.

Jason Moore 14/03/2023 15:14


Mixed views

“While the Balearic government were celebrating tourism, others were not..”

Jason Moore 09/03/2023 16:46