Humphrey Carter
Humphrey Carter


Deputy Editor

Oxford-born Humphrey Carter joined the Bulletin in 1994 as a photographer, having studied photography, film and psychology in the UK. After having travelled the world and worked in many fields, within months of joining the Bulletin he secured exclusive access to Australia’s most wanted man in Mallorca and ran with the story for the following ten years for the local and international media. He was made Deputy Editor in 1997 and has been sent on numerous overseas assignments - he fronted the multi-media coverage of Real Mallorca’s European football campaign. His work has been featured on the front pages of newspapers and magazines around the world and is a regular commentator for leading international media outlets, in particular television and radio.


Has the British expat community in the Balearics bottomed out?

Balearics is the fifth most popular destination with 17,953 British residents.

Humphrey Carter 24/09/2022 09:40


Relief for Britons flying to Mallorca, French call off strike

Now Ryanair baggage handlers in Spain are threatening to go on strike from October.

Humphrey Carter 23/09/2022 15:17

Real Mallorca

Amazon may deliver the money for Real Mallorca

Sarver could walk away with $600 million to concentrate more on Real Mallorca.

Humphrey Carter 23/09/2022 12:45

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Balearic president announces that she will run again

"Today we are leaders in economic growth and job creation..."

Humphrey Carter 23/09/2022 12:30


Mallorca rents hit record high

Rental prices in Palma are going through the roof.

Humphrey Carter 23/09/2022 11:47


“The whole of Britain should be bursting with pride. I was so pleased she died at home with her close family...”

“I think Charles will make a very good king, and we’ve got the next generation to look forward to. So, despite the great sadness of what has happened, there are plenty of reasons to be cheerful.”

Humphrey Carter 23/09/2022 10:58


A Mallorca winter mess

Is shutting up so early wise when the short term future is looking uncertain?

Humphrey Carter 23/09/2022 10:41

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Yacht belonging to wanted dead America billionaire in Mallorca

In 2021 owner was charged with hiding $2 billion in income from the IRS in a web of offshore entities.

Humphrey Carter 22/09/2022 15:10

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Spanish Prime Minister tied up in knots in New York

Prime Minister wore a tie having suggested it would be best to ditch them to save energy.

Humphrey Carter 22/09/2022 14:40

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Mallorca could become too hot for the British

Many Britons fear parts of Europe may be too hot to visit by 2027.

Humphrey Carter 22/09/2022 12:01


Cornwall and Devon more popular than the Balearics

Balearics is ninth on the list of top spots for the Autumn.

Humphrey Carter 21/09/2022 14:58

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Mallorcan restaurant collects more than 1,800 signatures against its demolition

Mounting anger over the removal of popular beach bars and restaurants in Mallorca.

Humphrey Carter 21/09/2022 12:40