Humphrey Carter
Humphrey Carter


Deputy Editor

Oxford-born Humphrey Carter joined the Bulletin in 1994 as a photographer, having studied photography, film and psychology in the UK. After having travelled the world and worked in many fields, within months of joining the Bulletin he secured exclusive access to Australia’s most wanted man in Mallorca and ran with the story for the following ten years for the local and international media. He was made Deputy Editor in 1997 and has been sent on numerous overseas assignments - he fronted the multi-media coverage of Real Mallorca’s European football campaign. His work has been featured on the front pages of newspapers and magazines around the world and is a regular commentator for leading international media outlets, in particular television and radio.

Latest headlines

Police crackdown on foreign plated cars in Mallorca

As a general rule, a non-resident can drive a foreign registered vehicle in Spain for up to six months in a calendar year.

Humphrey Carter 23/02/2024 12:28


Yet another warning for Britons heading to Mallorca and Spain

The free European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is being phased out following the United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union.

Humphrey Carter 23/02/2024 10:35


The water in Mallorca...

It some areas of the island it still neither tastes how it should, nor is there enough of it with the tourist season looming.

Humphrey Carter 23/02/2024 10:16


Airlines make way for Britons overpacking and it’s mostly tea bags!

16 per cent of Britons can’t do without ketchup or sliced bread when going abroad.

Humphrey Carter 22/02/2024 16:58


Flights from the heart of Kent to Mallorca back on the runway

Barnes Wallis used the base to test his bouncing bomb on the coast at nearby Reculver, prior to the Dambusters raid.

Humphrey Carter 22/02/2024 14:51


Britons warned against using illegal airport taxis in Spain

“Only use official registered or licensed taxis" is the advice from the British government.

Humphrey Carter 22/02/2024 10:22


British Mallorca home owner could be the next Bond Girl, but who?

Michelle and her radio presenter husband, Mark Wright, own a holiday apartment in Magalluf.

Humphrey Carter 19/02/2024 16:43


Sam Asghari: Bridging cultures and creating opportunities in Mallorca’s vibrant film scene

Asghari is committed to giving back, particularly by nurturing future film projects, some of which may feature Mallorca as a filming location.

Humphrey Carter 19/02/2024 11:55


All Britons need to know about new travel visa and entry permit

This travel authorisation will have a maximum duration of 90 days.

Humphrey Carter 19/02/2024 11:39

Latest headlines

Five of the UK’s richest people own large parts of Mallorca

The Reuben brothers own 1065 hectares (2,632 acres) of sea frontage totalling around 13.5 kilometres in Mallorca.

Humphrey Carter 17/02/2024 09:30

Latest headlines

Mallorca rat attack knocks out local courthouse

Neighbours have complained that in some streets of Inca the presence of rats “is scary”.

Humphrey CarterJavier Jimenez 16/02/2024 15:40


Palma airport loses the fifth most luggage in Europe

Airlines were losing bags last summer at the highest rate for a decade.

Humphrey Carter 16/02/2024 13:34

Latest headlines

Britons in a panic as Mallorca runs out of tea!

Britons may have to brave a shortage of some lines of tea.

Humphrey CarterReuters 16/02/2024 11:33


Farmers spark new EU war

It’s not just farmers from across the bloc who are taking aim at Brussels, so too are a number of governments such as Spain.

Humphrey Carter 16/02/2024 11:22


UK Balearics airfares rocket by over 60 percent this year

Hoteliers in the Balearics are looking for price increases for this year.

Humphrey Carter 15/02/2024 16:21


Car hire prices fall sharply in Mallorca

The advice is still the same this year, book early and do not leave it until the last minute, especially if you are going on holiday in the peak of the season and also read the small print.

Humphrey Carter 14/02/2024 13:21


The legendary magic flautist of British music is bringing Jethro Tull to Mallorca

"Look at the likes of Springsteen or McCartney, they’re still going. Why give up? If you’ve got the energy and can still physically entertain people, there isn’t much option. It’s a bit like tennis or football players, you just keep going, you die with your boots on.”

Humphrey Carter 14/02/2024 12:05