Frank Leavers
Frank Leavers

Frank has been writing a number of different columns for the Bulletin for almost 16 years; in that time he has also worked as a radio and television presenter in Mallorca. He has a background in the press, media, politics and public affairs that goes back to the early 1980’s. Alas, he’s getting grumpier as he gets older!


That's way-too-much information!

So if you have something even mildly disagreeable to confess to, please leave me out will you?

Frank Leavers 09/08/2019 13:23

Frank Confidential

Let's go camping shall we? No thanks!

How civilised can a sporting encounter be when the players themselves take time out to have luncheon and tea and if necessary to call a halt to play if it should rain or become dark?

Frank Leavers 07/08/2019 13:08