Frank Leavers
Frank Leavers

Frank has been writing a number of different columns for the Bulletin for almost 16 years; in that time he has also worked as a radio and television presenter in Mallorca. He has a background in the press, media, politics and public affairs that goes back to the early 1980’s. Alas, he’s getting grumpier as he gets older!


Living the (long) life well lived!

Apparently, there are 14,500 centenarians currently living in the United Kingdom at the moment...

Frank Leavers 23/03/2023 15:32


Boring? Who me... Never!

It seems that being certifiably boring is about as bad as it can get if you wish to insult a chap who is not in the first flush of youth.

Frank Leavers 16/03/2023 16:28


Memories are made of this - but can you remember them?

Personally, I find a selective memory most advantageous, this ensures that you only remember what you want to remember.

Frank Leavers 09/03/2023 18:27


Hair today - gone tomorrow!

“Why is it that so many women are seemingly obsessed by their hair and sometimes talk of little else?”

Frank Leavers 02/03/2023 15:09


My Pothole Purgatory

“In certain parts of the town where we live, potholes are so numerous it’s a bit like going on a slalom ski-run...”

Frank Leavers 24/02/2023 15:02


Vote for... Larry the Downing Street cat

“I wonder what Larry would make of the recent outpourings of former premier Liz Truss...”

Frank Leavers 20/02/2023 09:19


Get shorty!

“While many Brits wrap up warm to try to reduce their energy bills this winter, there seems to be an unusual fashion trend defying the seasonal chill...”

Frank Leavers 10/02/2023 12:10


Is it "Last Orders" for the British pub?

The landlord of my local pub tells me (It’s called research!) that many pub landlords and managers are seeking to cut the hours that their premises are open to the drinking public.

Frank Leavers 06/02/2023 22:51


New year, new man: Aiming to be as fit as a butchers dog!

Gymnasia all across western Europe have started emptying themselves of their brand new clients.

Frank Leavers 07/01/2023 19:08


Mirror, mirror, on the wall who is the fairest...!

As you can imagine I was quite upset by this mirror image...

Frank Leavers 22/12/2022 16:01


Come on, be honest: Who else avoids the news?

I know that a person should be interested, nay passionate, about all manner of things that should or should not happen in the world; but I wonder that at a given time in a person’s life he or she will just say - “sod it, I’m just not interested.”

Frank Leavers 19/11/2022 10:13


Keeping warm without turning up the heat!

There are already newspaper headlines screaming at us about potential winter power cuts...

Frank Leavers 23/10/2022 12:53


The soap opera of life!

Very rarely do television dramas reflect the banality of most people’s lives.

Frank LeaversFrank Leavers 23/09/2022 10:47


Turned out nice again, hasn't it - How's the weather with you?

The truth of the matter is that this obsession with the weather i.e. any weather, is a very British thing.

Frank Leavers 12/09/2022 02:04


WhatsApp? It’s The Pinging That Gets To You In The End!

"Happily and rather surprisingly for me, I have discovered (by accident) how to mute the constant pinging..."

Frank Leavers 21/08/2022 23:35


The cost of living crisis - “How ****** much?”

The concept of CASH seems to be making a welcome comeback.

Frank Leavers 12/08/2022 11:17


Don't save your kisses for me!

It maybe socially acceptable in Mallorca to launch an attack of slobbery kisses on an unsuspecting female acquaintance; here in middle England - er, just don’t!

Frank Leavers 07/07/2022 14:49


Whatever the survey says - please don't believe it!

This week in Frank Talking there is a recent survey that says: “Women generally do not find men attractive at all.”

Frank Leavers 17/06/2022 10:54


Dogs have dignity as well you know!

Today in this ‘Frank Talking’ column of mine I know that I will probably upset quite a few readers, but hopefully also make people consider their relationship with their pets and dogs in particular.

Frank Leavers 03/06/2022 11:00

Frank Confidential

Have we all 'Let ourselves go' since Covid struck?

According to research women around the world are wearing make-up, on average, 28% less than in 2019. It seems that this is called “opting for a more natural look.”

Frank Leavers 27/04/2022 13:47