Caroline Fuller

Caroline Fuller

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Ash and Puffy in their hidy hole.


Find out about how a family is learning to keep guinea pigs and Joachim Sommer talks about leads, harnesses and positive reinforcement in dog training.

L-R Conan, Bob and Floh.


Joachim gives us great tips for setting out dogs up for success and Caroline Fuller keeps the collies busy with sniffing games.

Standing around clucking.

Ladies of the Garden

Are they a help or a hinderance? Hens are a great ground clearance team but watch out because they will clear your ground of tasty plants and beneficial bugs too!

Brady a few months after treatment.

Disease and danger!

More great obedience training tips from Joachim Sommer, my own view and our vets view of Leishmaniosis and what to look out for. Another nasty is the processionary caterpillar and we include a warning about these from Agnieszka Hunt.

Julietta looks out to sea.

When is it the right time to say goodbye?

"When is the right time? I always say that most people know and myself included. It was very heart wrenching for me, as it is with all owners, but I knew when the day came.."

Part of the beautiful garden thriving.

Liquid Gold!

This week in The Potting Shed, Lynn McAvenia explain's how this works and what exactly is Liquid Gold.

Happy Hens.

Happy Bed Fellows

Its great to know a new generation shows interest in the garden and 8 year old Malcolm is doing a great job so far!

Macdog fetches the paper!


Letting your dog off leash? Check out training tips from Joachim Sommer and meet some more fabulous pets includings January's Ambassadog Mac.

3 Year old Pastor xRidgeback Nala, and 2 year old Doberman Jet.

New Year New Diet - For Dogs?

Ever thought of a raw food diet for your dogs? Katie Lewis tells us her findings with Jet and Nala and be aware, your dog is learning 24 x 7, Joachim Sommer tells us how to cope!

The new raised beds.

Brilliant New Beginnings

2020 was a great gardening year and we continue to learn new things and ways to help the plants be the best they can be... ever used sea water? Find out what Ruby has learned about it.

Lovely Cheeky Phillip.

Lovely Donkey Phillip

Phillip is such a friendly chap. Adopting a dog? find out some tips from Joachim and Merry Christmas from the collies.

Uta Gritschke.

Eating for Free!

Find out what you can eat for free in the country side with excellent guide Uta. A walk which can be tailored to a groups needs in Spanish, Catalan, German or English.

Here’s one I made with greenery from the garden and dried leek flowers.

Getting Creative with DIY Wreaths

How about getting creative with garden greenery and having a go at making your own Christmas Wreath, as a wall decoration or for the table, Claudia shows us how.

Frankie as a puppy.

Pet of the Month and more cute pets of Mallorca

Ever wonder why you dog is a nightmare outside even though he/she is great at home, read our training tips by Joachim Sommer. Meet more cute pets of Mallorca and an update on our Pet of the Month Frankie.

Peanut Plant.

Nuts or Not?

Are peanuts actually nuts and can they be grown here in Mallorca and what is the secret to making peanut butter?

Brian having a snooze.

Cute Pets of Mallorca

Find out from Joachim Sommer why we need to be a bit careful when playing with our dogs, Cooper has been to the beach again but where gets 4 out of 5? We introduce three cute pets and have loving words in memory of Louie the Great.

Look at this beach isnt it brilliant!

Travelling Pets

Pets review of air travel, Cooper enjoys another beach, Joachim gives us more training tips and we say goodbye to a very dear soul Pau.

We got all wrapped up after the swimming.

Travelling Pets

Find out what pet travel is like on the ferry, cats that visit the beach and more training tips from Joachim Sommer.

Pet Bulletin

Cooper enjoys the beach.

Does your Dog get Anxious?

Introducing some cute pets of Mallorca, read about a great walk and training trips with Joachim Sommer

Pet - Bulletin (Fur, Feathers and more)


Gentle Giant Clicquot

Check out this week's Pet of the Week, tips for puppy potty training, Bengal cats and photos sent by our readers.


Has your Christmas holiday plans been upset by new restrictions?



Classified adverts

Today's Bargains!

This bright apartment in Puerto Portals is just one of the properties on offer in today's classifieds, along with much more.



Do you think that children from 5 to 11 years should be vaccinated against Covid?


What's on

What's on




What's on





Peposo: Tuscan Red Wine Beef Stew.

Stir it up…Mama mia!

Do you want to cook a classic Roman recipe? Marc Fosh unveils little-known Italian recipes.







Daily life amid coronavirus pandemic in London

Covid restrictions

A readers writes about the current restrictions in England and the current situation in Mallorca.



Kids Zone

One kind word

One kind word

Last week was anti-bullying week in the UK and at The Academy International School we had lots of activities.