Andrew Ede
Andrew Ede

Background in business publishing. Started an online blog about Mallorca in 2005, which went daily in 2007, covering culture, environment, history, politics, tourism and more. Became a regular contributor to the Bulletin in 2010 before joining the staff a few years later.

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Mallorca's first high-occupancy vehicle lane in the autumn

The lane will be on the road from the airport heading into Palma.

Andrew Ede 04/08/2022 10:01

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More public transport users expected because of discounts

Mallorca is to be covered by a scheme that had initially only applied to the mainland.

Andrew Ede 04/08/2022 09:18

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British billionaire seeking the truth as to what caused the death of his brother

"He had his face pressed to the ground, a knee on his head and eight people on top of him."

Andrew Ede 04/08/2022 08:16

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Retailers critical of temperature energy-saving measures

Measures for the whole of Spain don't take account of the climate in Mallorca.

Andrew Ede 03/08/2022 08:40

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Sex, drugs and theft in Palma cemetery

Stolen items are being sold to scrap and secondhand dealers.

Andrew Ede 03/08/2022 08:01

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Mallorca experiencing problems with the supply of ice

There has been some rationing at supermarkets; restaurants haven't been affected.

Andrew Ede 02/08/2022 19:00

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Skidding and speeding - reckless driving in the Tramuntana

It's no longer just the illegal motorbikes races in the mountains; there is reckless car driving as well.

Andrew Ede 02/08/2022 18:12

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Investigation into the death of the brother of British medicinal cannabis billionaire

The brother of Maximillian White was involved in an altercation at a Magalluf club.

Andrew Ede 02/08/2022 08:55

Majorca tourism

Clean-up operation in Playa de Palma - every morning

A resident says that the amount of rubbish is "a disaster".

Andrew Ede 02/08/2022 07:19

Majorca tourism

More hire cars shipped to Mallorca to meet demand

The number of available cars is still way lower than it was in summer 2019.

Andrew Ede 02/08/2022 06:44

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Death of Palma woman who was in a coma after aesthetic surgery

The Madrid clinic maintains that Silvia suffered an infectious complication caused by her own microbiota.

Andrew Ede 31/07/2022 17:38

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Protest in Palma against bullfighting

Attempts by the Balearic government to stop bullfighting have been ruled unconstitutional.

Andrew Ede 31/07/2022 12:13

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Puerto Andratx police controls to look for thieves

Thieves pose as tourists, mingling with others and looking for targets.

Andrew Ede 31/07/2022 08:24

Majorca tourism

A spend of 5,000 euros a day - luxury tourism in Mallorca

Whereas this market previously sought ostentation, it now wants an experience based on values.

Andrew Ede 31/07/2022 07:51

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Palma stages its largest protest against horse carriages

Previous protests have typically only attracted 20 to 30 people.

Andrew Ede 30/07/2022 20:15


Beach bar owners intend fighting terrace closure decisions

Costas Authority decisions have affected beach bars in various parts of Mallorca.

Andrew Ede 30/07/2022 19:08