Andrew Ede
Andrew Ede

Background in business publishing. Started an online blog about Mallorca in 2005, which went daily in 2007, covering culture, environment, history, politics, tourism and more. Became a regular contributor to the Bulletin in 2010 before joining the staff a few years later.

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Balearic government "engaged in a battle" against purchases by non-residents

The government has defended increase in taxes on properties of one million euros and more.

Andrew Ede 29/11/2022 09:25

Majorca tourism

Record number of cruise ships in Palma this December

High interest in Palma among cruise operators, but from next year a maximum of three ships per day.

Andrew Ede 29/11/2022 08:52

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Palma nightlife - Close at midnight or move to the industrial estates

The federation of residents associations says that coexistence between nightlife and residents has become unsustainable.

Andrew Ede 27/11/2022 16:15

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Investigations into police and BCM owner case costing Palma town hall millions

Palma town hall was initially a private prosecutor of accused police officers.

Andrew Ede 27/11/2022 13:48

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Release from prison requested for 22 Moroccans charged with sedition

The 22 "escaped" from the Air Arabia Maroc plane at Palma Airport last November.

Andrew Ede 26/11/2022 09:39

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Class at Palma school sent home for displaying the Spanish flag

The flag was a show of support for Spain's football team; there was "confrontation" with the Catalan teacher.

Andrew Ede 26/11/2022 08:58

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Delight at El Bungalow restaurant protection approval

The owners say that initiating procedures for protected status "will at least delay the demolition and give us more time".

Andrew Ede 26/11/2022 07:38

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Partido Popular promise clampdown on graffiti in Palma if they win the election

All graffiti, says the PP's candidate for Palma mayor, will result in a maximum fine of 3,000 euros.

Andrew Ede 25/11/2022 16:35

Majorca tourism

A quarter of October hotel stays in Spain were in the Balearics

Between May and October, the Balearics were the national leader for tourism figures.

Andrew Ede 25/11/2022 10:07

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Balearics the region with least employment for the shopping season

Lingering consequences of the pandemic a reason for not taking on additional staff.

Andrew Ede 25/11/2022 08:09