News of the day 23 October 2023
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British couple ripped off by taxi driver to Palma airport.

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Letter to the editor: British tourists scammed by Mallorca taxi driver

Please could you raise awareness and recommend to tourists to pay in cash only to prevent fraud.

MDB Digital

The road bridge along the Avenida Pedro Mas y Reus in Alcudia

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Alcudia and the bridge of sighs

The road bridge on Avda. Pedro Mas y Reus is a hazard.

Andrew Ede

No more scooters on the buses.

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Electric scooters to be banned on Palma buses

Last week a scooter exploded inside a Madrid Metro carriage.

Humphrey Carter

The scene of the attack.

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Mallorca stabbing suspect in custody

The assailant fled and left the victim with fatal wounds, lying on the ground, bleeding.

Humphrey Carter

Watch the bus!

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Mallorca bus driver caught on video for reckless driving

Eyewitnesses described the action as totally reckless and dangerous.

Humphrey Carter

Busy morning for air sea rescue helicopters.

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Two cruise passengers airlifted to hospital in Mallorca

Both passengers being treated in Son Espases Hospital, Palma.

Humphrey Carter

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Carrie, Johnson, Boris Johnson's wife


Let’s face it chaps - the person in charge is usually a woman

I have this theory (more a certainty actually) that it is women who generally make the key decisions in family life and then rather cleverly ‘sell’ these decisions to the male of the species complete with the fantasy that it was his decision in the first place.

Frank Leavers

Work going on at the Soller tunnel


Unveiling Puerto Soller's rich military history and current challenges

This is also the week where repairs are being done to the two road tunnels in our world.

Shirley Roberts

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Daily Horoscope

What does your horoscope say about you today: Monday, October 23

Under today's skies, we may feel the emotional intensity right out of the gate

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Henry turned 100 in September


From flying Spitfires to landing the title as the world’s oldest tennis player in Mallorca

The Bulletin talks to Australian Henry Young, the oldest competitive tennis player in the world, having just celebrated his 100th birthday in September.

Humphrey Carter

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Royal Caribbean Symphony of the Seas is in Palma today


Find out which ships are in port today

There is just one cruise ship scheduled to visit Palma today

Cathy Caliz

New EU entry visa and controls on the horizon.


New travel rules for Britons coming to Mallorca next year, concerns of border chaos

EES will replace the current system of manual stamping of passports.

Humphrey Carter

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The Cruz de Navajas tour will tour Spain in 2023


Mallorca events: What's On from Monday to Thursday

Here's a glimpse of what's happening in Palma over the next few days.

Andrew Ede

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Rain in Palma, Mallorca

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Tuesday's weather in Mallorca - Yellow alert for rain

The forecast for Mallorca for Tuesday, 24 October.

Andrew Ede

Food and drink / Food and drink
Many places around Palma and South West of Mallorca have some good daily menus

Food and drink

Eating out in Mallorca: Origin in Palmanova

Great food in a beautiful setting with a friendly service.

Mia Naprta

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