News of the day 13 October 2023
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The picture of the kidnap posted by Hamas on social media. Alma is in blue.

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Mallorca based American Jew’s aunt kidnapped by Hamas

“We, the family, has had no contact with my aunt since and we have a deep feeling of sadness and depression but we must maintain hope that she and all of the hostages will be returned safely."

Humphrey Carter

Michael Douglas in Mallorca.

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Mallorca home owner Michael Douglas signs letter in support of Israel

“This is terrorism. This is evil. There is no justification or rationalization for Hamas’ actions."

Mary Milliken

Security at a school in Can Pasilla

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Your weekly news catch up in Mallorca

This week: School violence, homicide, robbery, rape, traffic accidents, fraud, air travel updates, year-round tourism plans, and extreme heat reported.

Andrew Ede

Cheers to Conor McGregor in Puerto Soller

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Cheers to Conor McGregor in Puerto Soller

Former two-weight world champion sits at No. 33 in the sporting rich list after reportedly earning $530million during his career,

Jason Moore

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Holly Willoughby, the presenter of ITV’s Good Morning quits


Holly Willoughby's alarming decision: quitting amid kidnap threats

“It seems wrong that a woman’s career has been potentially cut short due to external, random yet serious threats from a stranger...”

Anna Nicholas

Trail runner in Mallorca


Soller's Trail race debut: A yearly fixture in the making

It is hoped this will take its place in the official list of races from 2024 onwards, encouraging sports people to the Soller Valley to race.

Shirley Roberts

Crossing a zebra stripe


A passion for people watching in Mallorca

It’s a Mallorcan thing, and as much a part of living here as breathing.

Peter Clover

The older I get, the more I enjoy reading


Read all about it - if you love books!

I read recently that it is becoming more and more difficult to entice children into reading as there are so many competing elements in modern living that take precedent it seems over books and reading once the kids get beyond six or seven years of age.

Frank Leavers

Beaches open in the winter


How amazing is the weather in Mallorca!

I’ve said this on many occasions that Magalluf and Palmanova were thriving winter destinations when I arrived on the island in 1990.

Richie Prior

Holiday / Lifestyle

Daily Horoscope

What does your horoscope say about you today: Friday, October 13

Aside from work and responsibilities, the day can be good for doing anything that supports our minds and bodies

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Posters and postcards have been distributed


The Xarxa Dragonera Blava promotes Marine Stewardship and Coastline Care

The community of Andratx has been involved in the creation and design of a “best practice” campaign to foster a sense of responsibility and the presence of custodians in coastline care.

Save the Med Foundation

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The MSC Seaview is one of the ships visiting Palma today


Find out which ships are in port today

There are two cruise ships scheduled to dock in Palma today

Cathy Caliz

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Puerto Alcudia, Mallorca

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Saturday's weather in Mallorca - Amber alert for rain on Sunday

The forecast for Mallorca for Saturday, October 14.

Andrew Ede

Island life / Paperwork
If you are thinking about investing, seek personalised advice


Investing for a secure retirement – part 1

Successful investing isn’t easy, but following proven principles can reduce risk and avoid common pitfalls.

Cathal Rochford, Partner Blevins Franks

Sport / Real Mallorca
Darder down and out for a month.

Real Mallorca

Weekend off for injury-hit R.C.D. Mallorca

There’s been a worrying trend of injuries in Spanish football over the last few games

Monro Bryce

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