News of the day 14 February 2023
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Find out which ships are in port today

There are no cruise ships scheduled to dock in Palma today

Cathy Caliz

Magalluf athletics track, Mallorca - area sealed off after accident

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Four injured in Magalluf athletics ground accident

Two of the four women were knocked unconscious.

Andrew Ede

Representatives of a group wanting more control of scooters and bikes in Palma, Mallorca

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Demand for tighter regulation of scooters and bikes in Palma

The group had a message of "we want to walk without fear".

Andrew Ede

Plans to restrict the Balearic foreign property market.

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Balearic politicians pushing ahead on foreign property sale restrictions

Nearly 60,000 foreigners have acquired a home on the islands over the past 10 years

Humphrey Carter

Some cruise lines have big plans for Palma.

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Cruise lines have their sights set on Palma this year

Palma set for a busy cruise seaseon desoite limits on ships.

Humphrey Carter

José Hila, the mayor of Palma, Mallorca

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Palma mayor - No intention of using shipping containers as homes

Something of a rebuke by José Hila to the housing councillor, Neus Truyol.

Andrew Ede

Big brother will take over from passport stamps.

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The end of British passport stamps on the horizon in the EU...but

Britons will have to submit biometric data such as fingerprints and facial images.

Humphrey Carter

Police in Palma, Mallorca outside an apartment building taken over by squatters

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Squatters leave new Palma apartment building

The squatters were gypsies; the head of the Gypsy Federation negotiated with them.

Andrew Ede

Holiday / Lifestyle
Palma art exhibition


The Catalan Atlas and the ‘invention’ of the Tramuntana

“Maps of the world, ‘mappae mundi’, proliferated in mediaeval times....”

Andrew Ede

Pet travel from Mallorca to the UK and back


Taking your dogs and cats from Mallorca to the UK and back again!

This week we talk to a Mallorca resident who runs Magic Car-Pet!

Vicki McLeod

Philip Dawson and the new single with glitch art by Allison Tanenhaus.


A new Balearic sound of love for Valentine’s

Listen to a new Balearic sound from today!

Humphrey Carter

Holiday / Hotels


Branson Mallorca staff: must have own car

"The hotel will open on June 16..."

Jason Moore

Holiday / Travelling
Puerto Soller, Mallorca

Majorca tourism

Soller in top twenty of European travel destinations

Selection made by users of the website European Best Destinations.

Andrew Ede

Weather / Temperatures
Pollensa Mallorca


Wednesday's weather in Mallorca

Forecast for Mallorca for Wednesday, February 15.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Food and drink / Food and drink
Mallorcan soup dishes

Food and drink

We're well into the soup season

Andrew Valente tells us the rules for making an authentic Mallorcan-style ‘sofritos’ to add to your soups and stews.

Andrew Valente

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