News of the day 7 April 2022
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Clear skies at Palma port

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Which ships are in port today?

Palma port has three cruise ships scheduled to dock today.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Shop in Palma, Mallorca

Coronavirus news

Balearics preference was for a staggered end to indoor mask-wearing

The Balearic government will be issuing recommendations about mask-wearing.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Cars parked on the main road near Cala Varques, Mallorca

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"Saturation" at Cala Varques - town hall plans a car park with 32 spaces

The popularity of Cala Varques has caused all sorts of problems with parking.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Check your travel status.

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Spanish U-turn for unvaccinated Britons

Spain reverses rule relaxation for unvaccinated travellers.

Catalina Cladera (right), president of the Council of Mallorca, with the mayor of Palma, José Hila, and Bel Oliver of the World Tourism Organization

Majorca tourism

Mallorca aspiring to lead "the tourism of the future"

Tourism of the future will need to be sustainable or they may not be tourism.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

The Palma summer police operation was presented today.

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Ring of steel for Palma this summer

120 officers will be part of special summer operation.

Humphrey Carter

Confusion over travel status of unvaccinated UK travellers to Spain.

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UK travel to Spain update

Apology from the Spanish tourist board in London.

Humphrey Carter

This week's arrest involving the FBI in Calvia.

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US fugitive arrested in Mallorca

FBI have had a busy week in Mallorca.

Humphrey Carter

A warm and sunny weekend in store for Mallorca.

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At last, the the sun is shining in Mallorca

Unstable weather forecast for the end of Easter.

Humphrey Carter

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Cruise ship in Palma


Comment: More tourist taxes

The Balearics is showing no signs of scrapping the tax, now Valencia is having one.

Humphrey Carter

Saturation of tourists in Palma


Comment: The feeding of the two million

At the height of summer there can be over two million mouths to be fed and watered at any given time.

Andrew Ede

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Choosing the right potato


Potatoes we could live on them for months

Rule number one when cooking with potatoes is obvious: choose the variety most suited to the dish you are making.

Andrew Valente

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Nursery children at Queen's College


A week in the life of primary pupils at Queen’s College

Another busy week of learning for the children at Queen's College.

Queen's College

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